Church history

Our church was officially open in North York in September of 2013.  In the winter of 2012 the Lord has put on the hearts of brother Alexander Krupin and pastor Sergey Modilevsky to start a new Russian speaking Baptist church to serve the Russian speaking population of the Toronto area.  The Lord has provided a building, formerly belonging to the North York Church of Christ, to become the new building for our newly formed congregation.  Several other families have joined brother Krupin and pastor Modilevsky to help transform an outdated building into a modern and welcoming space for the new congregation.   Over a dozen brothers and sisters in Christ have spent hundreds of volunteer hours from the spring of 2013 until the official church opening in the fall of that same year.

When the church building was opened and dedicated to the service of the Lord, pastor Sergey Modilevsky became the pastor of the newly formed church and brother Alexander Krupin became the pastor’s assistant and the youth group leader.  All founding members have shared the vision of being a part of the community of Jesus that is focused on fulfilling God's most important commandment - to love God with all of our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.  The new church was focused on discipling its new members in the fullness of Christ's teaching and on sharing the good news of Jesus with the members of the Russian speaking population in the Greater Toronto area.

From its very first days, Light to the World Church became a community that is practically involved in many ministries outside of the church walls.  One of the ministries closely linked to the church is Summer Camp Tropinka.  Brother Alexander Krupin is a director of this camp and all of the church members are very involved in this ministry.  Another ministry that has started at this church immediately following its opening is Russian Language School Tropinka.  This is a school that focuses on teaching children from our community the Russian language, literature and the Bible.  Our church takes part in various projects in Africa and Ukraine, helping hungry and street children, conducts a lot of work with youth and teenagers in Toronto.

In 2014 the family of Alexander Katsaga has joined this church and Alexander became a regular preacher and teacher at Light to the World Church.  Together with his wife Elena, Alexander started to lead a Bible study group that meets every week to learn and discuss the Word of God.

In July of 2017 brother Alexander Krupin was ordained as a pastor of Light to the World Church.

By God's grace the church is continuing to grow in line with its original mission and purpose.  Today our church has a full worship band, a Sunday school, a youth group, a weekly bible study and a prayer group.  The Lord is adding new members to our congregation every year.  Our community is striving to demonstrate the love of Christ to each other and the people around us.