Our Ministers

Pastor Alexander Krupin

Alexander was born in Ukraine and moved to Canada with his family at the age of 14.  Alexander has started attending a religious Jewish school (Chabad) at an early age, but at the age of 15 he was exposed to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament and became a believer in Jesus.  In 2010 Alexander became the founder of the Christian summer camp "Tropinka" and has started to serve in the church as a youth pastor and founded the school for children to study the Russian language and be instructed in the Word of God. In 2013 Alexander started to serve as an assistant pastor at the Light to the World Church. In 2017 Alexander was ordained as a senior pastor of the Light to the World Church.

Alexander is working towards obtaining his Master of Divinity Degree from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto.  Apart from serving in the church, Alexander is also involved in various mission projects in Ukraine and Kenya.

Alexander is married to Anastasia and they have two boys.


Alexander and Elena Katsaga

Alexander and Elena Katsaga were born in Kazakhstan. They grew up in the atheistic environment in unbelieving families. Having accepted the Word through the testimonies of the missionaries who arrived to Kazakhstan soon after disintegration of the Soviet Union, they became believers and soon began to serve actively in a church in Kazakhstan, and then also in Toronto after moving to Canada in 2003. This family went through a difficult period of spiritual search that led them to realize their need for deep and attentive study of the Word of God to avoid various "winds of the doctrine" that may come. The messianic ministry "Ariel Ministries", organized by Dr. Arnold Frukhtenbaum and directed to studying of the Scriptures within historical and cultural context of the Bible times, had a great influence on their spiritual growth. More than 10 years they have been studying using these materials of the Ariel ministries and annually attending summer bible camp. They use knowledge and materials acquired there for leading Bible study groups. Alexander is also one of the teachers of our church. Alexander and Elena have three children, two of whom already started families and live separately. The younger son  serves in Worship group and is one of leaders of our inter-church youth group.


Anastasia Krupin

Anastasia leads Sunday worship and Sunday school for kids. She is married to Alex Krupin. When Anastasia was little, she always knew God existed through the Bible stories or camp experiences. After having some trouble with her faith during the teen years, eventually Nastia surrendered all to God and HE became the most important thing in her life. As she said: "He has loved me, saved me, forgave me, and I am forever grateful! Knowing Jesus and the great news for all people, I do not want to sit still but serve Him and people and share the message of His great love!




Sergey Modilevsky

Sergey Modilevsky is one of the preachers and first pastor of Light to the World Church.
Sergey was born and grew up in Ukraine, lived many years in Irkutsk in Russian Siberia, lives in Canada since 1993.
He served as deacon and assisstant pastor in Slavic Baptist Church in Vancouver, British Columbia. Later Sergey was ordained to serve as pastor in Hope Church in Kelowna, BC.
From 2013 to 2016 Sergey served as a pastor of Light to the World Church in Toronto.
He also leads Alpha group in Yorkminster Park Baptist Church where people can learn about gospel and christianity.
Sergey has a Bachelor of Divinity from International Theological Seminary, California.
He is married, has a son and 2 greanddaughters.