African ministry

Our church is actively involved in rescuing and rehabilitating children who live on the streets of Kenya.

Our church pastor Alexander Krupin together with missionary partners from Ukraine founded "Embrace a Street Child" after Alexander’s first visit to Kenya in 2014. While there are many needs in a country like Kenya and on an African continent in general, the Lord touched Alexander’s heart with a need of helping children on the streets.

Street children are children as young as 4 years old who, for some reason ended up living on the streets. Some of them are orphans and others have escaped an abusive situation at home. "Embrace a Street Child" is focused on helping the most vulnerable segment of the population – the children. Most of these children who live on the street are influenced to start taking drugs, they continue to be abused on the street and most will not live to the age of 20 unless something is done to help them

"Embrace a Street Child" has built a centre for these children where many of them find hope and practical help. This centre provides for the immediate needs of these children and it also focuses on providing long-term solutions to help these children flourish in this life and in the life to come. The centre helps them fight the drug addiction, the spiritual workers introduce them to Jesus’s teaching and His miraculous power to restore and change lives and it also helps them to be reintegrated back into the schooling system and the Kenyan society.

Today a member of our fellow Slavic Baptist Church from Niagara Falls - Palina Piatrova, manages the "Embrace a Street Child" centre. Palina has answered God’s call to become the on-location supervisor of this centre and she managers a staff of approximately 10 local Kenyan workers.

The Lord has richly blessed this ministry and over the past 4 years several hundred children have obtained help from this centre; over a hundred of them have been successfully reintegrated into a home or a school and a few have even been baptized and obtained church membership after they have received Christ at our centre.

Light to the World Church members visit this centre annually and we also host missionaries such as Palina Piatrova when they come to Canada to share about what God is doing at Embrace.

We hope that with God's help this ministry with street children of Africa will grow for the glory of God and spreading of the Gospel around the world.

Starting this year we also plan to begin similar ministry in the capital of Kenya- Nairobi, where there are thousands of children on the streets.

We will be grateful for your prayers and financial support.