Bible study

At this time our Bible Study group meets online using Zoom app every Tuesday at 7 PM. Please contact us through this website to get access to this group.

The Lord Himself urged His followers to investigate the Scriptures, for this reason the Bible study group regularly gathers in our church. Under the leadership of Alexander and Elena Katsaga people meet together to go deep into the knowledge of God’s truth. Our group uses materials of messianic ministry "Ariel Ministries", which allow us to look at the Scriptures within historical and cultural context of the Israeli society of Bible times. It helps us to see the amazing harmony of the Scriptures, consistency of prophecies, events and teachings of the Old and New Testaments.

Besides studying the Word, our group focuses on practical application of the gained knowledge in our everyday life. In the open and friendly atmosphere any person can ask and discuss questions that interests him/her.  At the end of our time together we join in prayer to seek and feel support and encouragement from the Lord.