Russian language school

At this time our Russian language school is closed until further notice!

From September until May there is a Russian language school that runs in our church building every Sunday between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Russian language school was established in 2011 by our church pastor, Alexander Krupin and it runs in conjunction with the summer camp "Tropinka".

Children from the Russian speaking community of Toronto come every Sunday to our church after the main service to learn the Russian language, literature and most importantly the Bible.

We have been blessed to have two amazing teachers who have been with us since the school founding in 2011. Tetyana Tsegelnyuk is the school vice principal and the teacher of the younger class. Natalia Svinuhova teaches the older children.

There are two classes for children of different ages in Tropinka School. We have experienced and gifted teachers who teach in out school. Tropinka School has a very friendly atmosphere; all the teachers are people selflessly devoted to their work, service to God and service to our neighbor.

Other church members of "Light to the World Church" participate in this ministry and help with administration, Bible Lessons and recreational activities during the school time.

We have been blessed to have children who are very committed to coming to our school and who share information about our school with the other members of the Russian speaking community of Toronto.